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Recently, many schools have undertaken large deployments and purchases of equipment in order to enable employees and students to efficiently work from home. As lockdown rules have relaxed for the 2021-2022 school year, it’s really important to ask “what is going to happen to all the extra equipment deployed during these hard times?”

Time to consider IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

As schools continue to grow, they will inevitably need more IT hardware and network equipment. Some of this equipment will make it to the end-of-life stage, while some will likely need to be upgraded or replaced before its natural life cycle is up. The growing sophistication of equipment and the rapid life-cycling of that equipment, has made dealing with IT asset disposal an increasingly urgent issue.


Data security and environmental concerns have also made ITAD a more complex process than it once was. The days of just shredding computer hardware and dumping it in a scrap pile are things of the past. Now, computing equipment needs to be disposed of in a safe manner so the heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful compounds they contain don’t end up in our soil and water. Likewise, data privacy regulations have changed the way that schools, organizations, and governments can dispose of their unwanted equipment.

A good ITAD service provider can solve these issues while helping your school save money in your IT budget. Ideally, your ITAD service provider will be able to recycle or refurbish most of your old equipment, and may be able to resell the units that still have some lifespan left in them. That means more money can be rotated back into your budget, making it easier to keep your IT infrastructure at the cutting edge.