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Now more than ever, it’s a good thing the Earth has its own day. The planet desperately needs it, considering the rate of climate change and the increasing amount we’re adding to our landfills each year. Perhaps no one category of trash is growing faster than electronic waste – or e-waste.

As the IT industry continues to evolve, IT hardware, big data and cloud computing results in significant electronic waste. In order to eliminate this e-waste, more and more companies are turning to ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) services to help eradicate unwanted, yet sensitive data.

What are the differences between Recycling and ITAD services:


  • Recycling companies can be very useful if your IT material is beyond repair or nobody is willing to pay for it. Recycling equipment may also be the right choice if you have several large pieces of equipment that are worth less than the cost of moving them.
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  • If you have equipment that has maintained its function, you have components that retain value but need to be restored and / or you have a large volume of storage, servers, networking equipment and more, then an ITAD service may be right for you.
  • The goal of ITAD companies is to put money back into your pocket. For this reason, companies will perform asset valuation and remain up-to-date with the changing landscape of IT markets. ITAD companies may pay you based on the value of your IT equipment.

So, with Earth Day right around the corner, it’s time to seriously consider a Recycling and/or ITAD partner. At OceanTech, we do BOTH. 

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