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Why Green Computing?

Mar 24, 2020 | Blog

Why Green Computing? 

In 2006 Greenpeace released a study for which researchers performed X-ray examination of hazardous materials inside five leading brands of laptops. The findings revealed that many of the components found in popular computers are not only harmful to the environment but also potentially harmful to humans.

As a result, businesses have started to embrace environmentally sustainable products that offer low-carbon solutions that can not only reduce their global greenhouse gas emissions, but can do so by more efficient energy consumption and lower costs. Smart deployment of more efficient computing resources, starting with green PC’s, has become a key focus for many businesses and consumers looking to reduce their own energy consumption and carbon footprint. This is fueled by an increase in public awareness of the effects of climate change, recognition by businesses and consumers that reducing energy usage can save costs and by government regulation covering everything from energy efficiency to power management and reduction of hazardous material to e-waste disposal.

Stay tuned… as we present several green initiatives underway in the ITAD industry to help with the race to meet green computing requirements.

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